19th April 2018

SeeWoo Foods Limited is an importer of pan Asian Foods in the UK.

This is the core of our business and we distribute across Europe and beyond to B2B trades such as food manufacturers, restaurants and take away businesses for over 40 years.

We are an end to end supply chain, dealing with the manufacturers at the source, right through to delivering the goods to their end destination.

Our central distribution warehouse consolidates thousands of different lines on a daily basis, ranging from ambient, to chilled and frozen goods.

19th April 2018

Welcome to our blog.

As winter is fast approaching, our team at SeeWoo Foods is getting ready for 22 December 2019, the winter solstice in the Chinese calendar.

It marks the beginning of “Yang Qi”, the shortest day and longest night in the northern hemisphere.

As pioneers of Asian food ingredients in the UK, we love talking about food. After all, this substance we put in our bodies is fuel and nourishment of the body and soul.